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How to Get Restaurant Recommendations and Dining Advice From Eater San Diego

Welcome to the Ask Eater column

People walking in front of large buildings.
A busy corner of Little Italy.

Eater San Diego is your all-in-one destination for all things restaurant and food-related in our fair city. From early peeks inside new restaurants to scoop on chef moves, we also do our best to point you towards dining gems and standout neighborhood spots and leave enough time to tell you where to find top-notch pizza, fish tacos, Chinese food, and so much more.

But we often get emails looking for more specific suggestions or answers to hospitality industry questions: What restaurants can accommodate large groups with various dietary restrictions? Where should I bring a first date? How do I get a reservation at this trendy restaurant? Is that Instagram-y brunch spot really worth waiting in line for?

To that end, we’re kicking off Ask Eater, a dining advice column from Eater San Diego in which our team answers questions from readers.

Submit your burning questions and solicit recommendations via email to with the subject line “Ask Eater Question.” We’ll put our heads together to come up with an answer — or turn to another industry expert to get one for you.

People who write in with questions remain anonymous, so go wild. No question is too weird or obscure to be considered. All answers will be highly opinionated.