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Tuetano Taqueria Chef to Bring More Mexican Breakfast to Chula Vista

Priscilla Curiel is opening a second location of Mujer Divina and a brand new breakfast spot on Third Avenue

Breakfast burritos and salsa.
Breakfast burritos and salsa.
Mujer Divina

The chef behind the Michelin-recognized Tuetano Taqueria is preparing to open a suite of restaurants on Third Avenue in Chula Vista. Last fall, Priscilla Curiel shuttered Tuetano’s space in the Old Town Urban Market to return to Chula Vista, where her acclaimed birrieria got its start as a pop-up at area breweries.

Curiel tells Eater that the taqueria will be ready to reopen later this year, but the second location of her National City daytime cafe, Mujer Divina, should be up and running in Chula Vista by the end of February. Home to one of Eater’s favorite burritos, the grab-and-go shop offers coffee drinks and slender, guisado-filled burritos.

A rendering of the new Chula Vista location.
Mujer Divina

The chef, who spent a decade working at Talavera Azul in Chula Vista and Tijuana’s La Espadana — her family’s breakfast-focused restaurants — says that she’s working to turn the space between Tuetano Taqueria and Mujer Divina into a new sit-down breakfast spot that will serve a menu that reflects her love of Mexican and American-style breakfast dishes, from combo breakfast platters to toasts with sweet and savory toppings. She also has more expansion plans for Mujer Divina, telling Eater that she’d like to open more locations of the coffee and burrito house throughout San Diego.

Tuetano Taquera/Mujer Divina

216 3rd Avenue, Suites A and B, Chula Vista, CA 91910