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A Showcase for Smoked Meat and Smoked Cocktails Opens at the Hotel del Coronado

The Smokehouse & Bar at the Historic Laundry gets cooking on Friday, July 14

A wooden cocktail bar.
The bar.
Hotel del Coronado

A restaurant and bar revolving around barbecue and cocktails will be officially unveiled this Friday, July 14 at the Hotel del Coronado. The Smokehouse & Bar at the Historic Laundry enhances the property’s storied legacy, bringing new life to a structure that functioned for nearly 100 years as a laundry facility for the resort as well as Coronado residents, operating a fleet of five laundry trucks that delivered around the island.

Restored in 2021 as part of the Del’s $400 million redevelopment project, the building’s original brickwork has been unearthed and the steam-powered laundry’s traditional conveyor system preserved. To add to the vintage feel, a wooden bar dating back to the 1880s was sourced from a since-shuttered hotel in Pennsylvania.

Ribs and carrots cooking in a smoker.
Ribs and carrots on the smoker.
Hotel del Coronado

Though the 157-seat Smokehouse & Bar has an indoor dining area that includes two private rooms, its kitchen, comprised of a smoker and stationary food truck, is located on the lawn near its outdoor seating. It’ll cook up a menu of meats, from brisket and pulled pork to ribs and organic chicken, offered with sauce options like Carolina-style barbecue sauce, peach mop sauce, and house-fermented hot sauce. The smoker will also be used for vegetable dishes such as smoked heirloom carrots and slow-baked butternut squash.

A chef slices brisket.
Slicing brisket.
Hotel del Coronado

Open daily at 4 p.m., the restaurant and bar also incorporates smoke into its cocktails. A drink called Sun Faded tops a mixture of bourbon rye, orange, lemon, triple sec, and apricot puree with an edible bubble of rosemary-infused smoke while the Smokehouse, a blend of whiskey, aperol, and lemon is served covered with a cherry wood smoker.

Sliders and a smoking cocktail.
Sliders and a smoking cocktail.
Hotel del Coronado

Smokehouse & Bar Menu

Hotel del Coronado, Curio Collection by Hilton

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