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Yintang Spicy Hot Pot Is Expanding to Mira Mesa

The Taiwanese hot pot chain is setting up shop at the H Mart plaza.

Yintang Spicy Hot Pot Dish.
Yintang Spicy Hot Pot Dish with choose-your-own ingredients.
Yintang Spicy Hot Pot

Yintang Spicy Hot is planning on bringing its second San Diego location to Mira Mesa by the end of August. The Los Angeles-based Taiwanese hot pot restaurant will be taking over the former Fancy Fish space on Mira Mesa Boulevard, rounding out the food options available in the H Mart plaza, which also houses Meet Fresh, In N Out Burger, and Paris Baguette.

The success of the Convoy Street location, which opened last fall in Kearny Mesa, helped to spur Yintang’s expansion, with owner Vicky Hua currently remodeling the site to accommodate the hot pot chain’s choose-your-own ingredient format. There will be different stations stocked with proteins like beef, lamb, fish fillets, and tofu as well as vegetables and starches ranging from noodles and potatoes to spinach, bok choy, lotus root, and mushrooms.

Yintang curry soup
Yintang curry soup.
Yintang Spicy Hot Pot

At Yintang, diners grab tongs and add whatever they want to a large metal bowl. A cashier then weighs the bowl, which determines the price of the meal, and takes the raw ingredients to the kitchen to be separated and cooked in different saucepans. The base of the hot pot, a rich, beef bone broth can be flavored with its signature “mala” spicy seasoning, curry, or tomato, although a dry hot and spicy mix is another alternative if you’re not in the mood for soup.