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One of Tokyo’s Most Famous Ramen Chains Is Coming to San Diego

Ramen Nagi is opening at Westfield UTC

A hand holding chopsticks lifts noodles from a bowl of ramen. Jakob N. Layman

A big-name noodle shop from Japan is prepping to open its first restaurant in San Diego. With locations across Tokyo, Ramen Nagi is arriving early this summer at Westfield UTC where it’ll slot in between Raised by Wolves and the Winery at the Pointe, the mall’s restaurant row.

After a decade of training at hakata-style ramen shops, founder and master ramen chef Satoshi Ikuta launched Ramen Nagi as a pop-up in 2004, building a popular brand that has reached beyond Japan to several other Asian countries. It landed in the U.S. in 2018, first in the Bay Area where it’s one of the South Bay’s essential ramen shops, and then in Los Angeles where it has outposts at Westfield Century City and the Shops at Santa Anita.

Best known for its classic tonkotsu ramen as well as spicy red miso pork, the restaurant also offers new-wave styles of ramen, from black garlic and squid ink to basil and parmesan and a vegetarian option made with cauliflower puree and hashed fried potatoes. Special edition flavors, from curry ramen to lamb ramen, are rotated in throughout the year.

Ramen and other Japanese dishes.
Various dishes from the menu.
Jakob N. Layman

Ramen Nagi is also all about customization: once diners choose a ramen base, they can customize their bowl with pork loin, pork belly, various vegetables, and other toppings. Customers are able to select the thickness and firmness of their noodles, as well as a preferred level of garlic or oil for their bowl.

The menu also includes appetizers and sides, from karaage and gyoza to edamame and chashu rice bowls.