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Santa Barbara’s Most Famous Ice Cream Shop Is Expanding to San Diego

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams will open in Carlsbad

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A stack of ice cream pints.
Some best-selling flavors.
Gwendolyn Squires

Founded over 70 years ago in Santa Barbara, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams expanding its small collection of California scoop shops with its southernmost location yet coming to Carlsbad where it’ll open at the Forum by early summer.

Headquartered out of a 1930s dairy in downtown Santa Barbara, where the family-run company makes its rich, custard-based ice creams that have 18 percent milkfat, McConnell’s sources its milk and cream from Central Coast cows and partners with farms and purveyors to create its lineup of flavors including best-sellers like Eureka lemon and marionberry, double peanut butter chip. Turkish coffee, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Seasonal flavors, like its beloved churros con leche, are also available in limited releases. Its scoop shops also sell cookies as well as ice cream sandwiches.

A rep for McConnell’s told Eater that the new 1,000-square-foot Carlsbad storefront will be opening just in time for the limited-edition release of its summer flavors and to celebrate National Ice Cream month in July.

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

1935 Calle Barcelona Suite 175 , Carlsbad, CA 92009