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A Cozy Japanese Tea House and Cafe Is Coming to Adams Avenue

Hatsuzakura is opening next to Soichi Sushi

The front patio of a cafe.
The current storefront before a redesign.

A new all-day cafe modeled after a kissaten, an old-style Japanese tea house, is opening on Adams Avenue next to the Michelin-starred Soichi Sushi. Called Hatsuzakura, meaning the first cherry blossoms of the season, it’s due to bloom by late spring in the former De Nada Kitchen space, which will be redesigned to fit the aesthetic.

Owners Sakura Kadoya and Reymond Palisoc previously worked together at a South Bay boba shop and since 2019, Kadoya has been part of the operating team at Soichi Sushi, which is run by her parents Soichi and Raechel.

Centered mostly around tea, including high-grade matcha, the beverages will also include melon soda floats and simple coffee drinks made with beans roasted at the Japanese-owned Bay Park Coffee.

Kadoya’s master sushi chef father is helping to consult on the food offerings, which will include homestyle dishes like yakisoba, karaage, Japanese-style spaghetti napolitan, and omelet-topped omurice. There will also be savory and sweet sandos, filled with katsu cutlets or fruit and cream, as well as a variety of onigiri.

Desserts will include matcha-flavored sweets as well as Japanese pudding, called purin, and a selection of wagashi, delicately-molded traditional confections made with mochi and bean paste.


2123 Adams Avenue, , CA 92116 (619) 756-7760 Visit Website