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Grilled Japanese Skewers and Ramen Come Together on Convoy

Otosan brings more kushiyaki to Kearny Mesa

Lanterns hang above a table in a Japanese restaurant.
The dining room.
Candice Woo

The owners of Olleh Sushi and Olleh Convoy Korean BBQ, two all-you-can-eat restaurants in Kearny Mesa, have rolled open a new spot on Convoy Street dedicated to kushiyaki, or Japanese-style skewered meat, seafood, and vegetables. Though yakitori has become a common way to refer to grilled skewers, kushiyaki is actually the proper umbrella term when referring to the general category of skewered food as yakitori specifically means chicken-based skewers.

At Otosan, the kushiyaki encompasses a variety of chicken parts, from chicken wings and thighs to livers, gizzards, and chicken skin as well as skewers of wagyu beef, pork belly, scallops, shishito peppers, and ginko nuts.

Ramen is also a focus here, with options ranging from classic miso and tonkotsu to spicy seafood, black garlic, and vegetarian noodle soup.

A sign above a restaurant. Candice Woo

The menu includes appetizers and side dishes like takowasa, or raw octopus with wasabi, along with cucumber radish salad, spicy garlic edamame, grilled mackerel, and yaki onigiri, which are grilled triangle-shaped rice balls. As kushiyaki is a popular drinking snack, Otosan offers a selection of sake, shochu, beer, and wine.


4425 Convoy St #217, San Diego, CA 92111