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Churro Dogs and Other Fried Delights Landing in Oceanside

Jerry’s Street Churros will also serve Belgian waffles and savory snacks

A plate with two churro dogs.
Churro dogs.
Jerry’s Street Churros

Freshly-fried churros in a variety of styles and flavors will be the star at Jerry’s Street Churros, a dessert and snack shop getting its start in downtown Oceanside on Thursday, January 26. Owners Tom Ta and Jeremiah Hayden, who hope to open more stores down the line, have incorporated treats tasted through their extensive travels into Jerry’s menu.

The menu centers on cinnamon and sugar-dusted churros that will come filled with custard, paired with soft-serve ice cream, or served with optional dippers and toppings ranging from cajeta and chocolate sauce to rainbow sprinkles, boba, and cookie crumbles.

The store will also bake up Belgian waffles, available with everything from fruit syrups and whipped cream to Nutella and ice cream.

Fans of sweet and savory combos will also be able to order churro-encased hot dogs.

Other savory snacks include truffle-flavored fries and fries seasoned with cheese, barbecue, or chive and garlic.

On January 26, Jerry’s Street Churros will also be holding a job fair to fill positions for baristas and other team members.

Jerry's Street Churros

1006 Mission Avenue Suite D, Oceanside, CA 92054