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Famed Japanese Bakery Establishes Offshoot in San Diego

Salt & Butter by Okayama Kobo is now open in the Miramar area

Baked goods on a wooden board.
Assorted new items.
Salt & Butter

A recently opened bakery and deli based in the Miramar area is a spinoff of Okayama Kobo, a highly regarded Japanese brand, founded in 1986, that operates 200 locations across Japan as well as several outposts in Los Angeles and Orange County. Though it offers most of the original bakery’s menu, including its signature crescent rolls, new arrival Salt & Butter by Okayama Kobo is also developing items that will be unique to San Diego.

Run by business partners Stuart Schaffer and William Sutjiadi, Salt & Butter’s Miramar production hub and storefront is currently open weekdays for lunch service and is also delivering its freshly baked goods to pop-ups around San Diego, with weekly drop-offs at Matcha Cafe Maiko in Clairemont and Escondido and another stop coming to National City later this month.

A pull-apart loaf of bread.
A pull-apart loaf.
Salt & Butter

Made with an additive and preservative-free dough that uses flour from the Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido, the bakery’s lineup includes variations of the Salt & Butter rolls flavored with chocolate or red bean, classic curry pan, and fluffy Japanese milk bread loaves employed in French toast or as the base of a croque monsieur sandwich. There’s also a range of panini, filled with everything from pork katsu and smoked salmon to roast beef and cheese and pesto.

A smoked salmon sandwich.
Smoked salmon panini.
Salt & Butter

Schaffer tells Eater that they’re looking to expand their pop-up distribution to new neighborhoods and will consider opening more bakery and deli locations in the San Diego area. They’re also working with non-profit organizations that will be able to use Salt & Butter pop-ups as fundraising opportunities.

A grand opening event in Miramar is scheduled for the weekend of Friday, September 9, featuring free samples and raffle giveaways as well as a variety of Japanese cuisine from the likes of San Diego’s own Hinotez and the chance to pre-order meal kits from acclaimed LA ramen spots like Shin-Sen-Gumi and Tsujita.

Salt & Butter

7313 Carroll Road, Suite L , San Diego, CA 92121