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Orange County’s Outstanding Bubble Tea Shop Expanding to San Diego

Omomo Tea Shoppe is coming to Del Mar Highlands Town Center

Two colorful boba drinks.
Omomo’s Instagrammable concoctions.
Matthew Kang/Eater LA

Named by Eater LA as one of the four most extraordinary boba tea specialists in all of Southern California, where its three shops in Irvine and Chino Hills frequently draw hour-long lines, Omomo Tea Shoppe is venturing south to San Diego where it’s joining the high-caliber mix food and drink at Del Mar Highlands Town Center.

Scheduled to open this winter in the former CeramiCafe location near Sidecar Doughnuts, Omomo makes designer boba beverages with freshly-brewed tea and fresh seasonal fruit, crowning some concoctions with rich cheese foam or a fluffy tiramisu topping. Most drinks can be customized at different levels of sweetness and almond milk or oat milk can be subbed in for some items. Popular selections from the menu include Camo Thai, an Instagrammable cup of Thai iced milk tea poured into sweet caramel brûlée for a tiger stripe look, Fruit Tornado Strawberry, a smoothie of fresh strawberries and airy cheese foam, and Itchy Peachy, a seasonal blend of fresh peaches and cream cheese.