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Sapporo-Style Ramen Restaurant Launching Several Shops in North County

Ramen Mik is getting started in San Marcos

A bowl of ramen with pork and an egg.
Spicy miso ramen.
Ramen Mik

Expanding the availability and variety of ramen in San Diego County is a new entry, Ramen Mik, that’s conveyed the most famous style of ramen from Sapporo, the capital of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, to San Marcos.

Thought to have first been served in the 50s in Sapporo, in what’s known as the city’s original “ramen alley” miso ramen has become the signature dish of the region. Veteran restaurateur Noriyuki ‘’Nori’’ Mori, whose uncle owned a ramen store in Japan, tells Eater that Ramen Mik’s broth is made of mix of pork, chicken and beef bones with vegetables, flavored with imported miso, or fermented soybean paste, and tare, a seasoning sauce. Its noodles, a variety made especially for miso ramen, are from Sapporo’s Nishiyama Seimen Co. which has been in business for over 50 years.

Besides miso ramen, the menu also features shoyu ramen, a chicken version made with Jidori chicken, and a meatless option that uses a vegan chicken from Japan as well as Japanese curry, fried rice, and appetizers like takoyaki, homemade pork gyoza, fried squid, and chicken karaage.

With another location of Ramen Mik coming to 1028 W Valley Pkwy in Escondido this fall, Mori tells Eater that he’s planning to open at least four or five restaurants in the San Diego area over the next few years.

Ramen Mik

157 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd UNIT 132 , San Marcos, CA 92069