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Vietnamese Steamed Rice Roll Specialist Opens First U.S. Restaurant in Mira Mesa

Thien Huong cooks up a variety of banh cuon and other breakfast dishes

A plate of Vietnamese rice rolls.
Vietnamese banh cuon.
Thien Huong

Founded by its matriarch, a family-owned group of restaurants that opened 40 years in the capital city of the Dong Nai province of Vietnam, located in the country’s Southeast region, has chosen San Diego for its first outpost in the United States. With six branches in Vietnam, Thien Huong is now open in Mira Mesa with a grand opening event scheduled for Thursday, December 22.

Operating from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., the daytime restaurant’s main specialty is banh cuon, a popular dish commonly eaten for breakfast that’s based on a fermented rice batter, which is steamed into thin and delicate sheets and wrapped around various savory ingredients. Thien Huong offers the rice rolls with ground pork, fried onion, egg, or shrimp fillings accompanied by bean sprouts and Vietnamese ham.

Banh mi chao.
Banh mi chao.
Thien Huong

There’s also banh mi chao, cast iron skillet breakfast combos ranging from Vietnamese steak and eggs to meatballs and pate with eggs, all paired with fresh baguettes, as well as Vietnamese coffee and fruit teas. open 7 am to 4 p.m.

Thien Huong

9349 Mira Mesa Boulevard, , CA 92126 (858) 368-9018 Visit Website

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