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Jiggly Japanese Cheesecakes and Other Dreamy Confections Are Coming to Convoy

Bakery chain Uncle Tetsu is expanding into San Diego

A whole Japanese cheesecake.
Japanese cheesecake.
Uncle Tetsu

Impossibly fluffy Japanese cheesecakes are descending into San Diego with the latest arrival an extension of a global bakery chain with locations across Asia, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Started in 1985 in the Japanese city of Fukuoka by founder Tetsushi Mizokami, Uncle Tetsu is best known for its souffle-like, not-too-sweet cheesecakes that are baked fresh every day.

Set to open in December, the first local store is coming to the bustling Convoy Street center that also houses Jasmine Seafood Restaurant and Dumpling Inn.

Offering the same menu as its other locations in California, the bakery will feature whole Japanese cheesecakes in the original flavor as well as variations like strawberry, chocolate, matcha, Oreo, and ube. Also available will be burnt Basque cheesecake, a delicate and creamy Spanish sensation invented in the town of San Sebastian, along with crunchy “biscotti” made with twice-baked slices of fluffy cheesecake and various types of Hokkaido cheese tarts, which have buttery pastry shells and mousse-like fillings.

A whole burnt Basque cheesecake.
Burnt Basque cheesecake.
Uncle Tetsu

As far as opening more stores in San Diego, a rep for the company tells Eater that they’re focusing on launching the Kearny Mesa location before considering further expansion in the area.

Uncle Tetsu

6929 Airport Boulevard, , TX 78752