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Local Roaster Showcasing Mexican-Grown Coffee Coming to Old Town

Flor & Seed’s first storefront is opening next month

Courtesy photo / Flor and Seed

Specializing in sourcing unique, microlot coffee from Mexico through direct trading with farmers in regions in both prominent growing states like Oaxaca and Chiapas as well as states less known for their coffee farms like Nayarit, Puebla, and Guerrero, local roaster Flor & Seed is gearing up to open a cafe in Old Town.

Founded in late 2020, the roaster has been a regular fixture at the Little Italy Mercato on Wednesdays and Saturdays where it offers hot coffee, cold brew, and bags of roasted beans.

Sampling unique coffees throughout Mexico led owner and 20-year coffee industry veteran Yan Yanez to want to bring them stateside. “I was drinking some really awesome coffee and I was feeling Nayarit had some of the best coffee, and then I figured out other places like Puebla had great coffee and they tasted so different from each other,” he said.

The 700-square foot space is slated to open mid-February and will house a coffee bar pouring single-origin drip and espresso-based drinks, including lattes. Plans for the impending location also include menu featuring baked goods from local pop-up Pan Del Barrio that includes pastries and molletes, or Mexican-style open face sandwiches.

Yanez points out the tasting and flavor experience will be focused on being true to Mexico despite being in a touristy part of town.

“I’m trying to get all traditional ingredients. We’re going to try to keep it original,” he said. “We’re going to have pour overs from different types of microlots which would be the best way to introduce you to the different types of Mexican coffee.”

Offering a subscription box and other online retail, Flor & Seed currently supplies beans for Imperial Avenue listening club LongPlay HiFi and also has coffee for sale at Maxa Market in Barrio Logan.

Flor & Seed

3985 Harney Street, San Diego, CA 92110