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Downtown Sushi Spot to Replace the Shuttered Tiger!Tiger! in North Park

Sushi 2 is relocating from its longtime location on Broadway

Vegan sushi rolls.
Sushi 2
Kelly Bone

After 20-plus years in downtown San Diego, Sushi 2 is packing up and moving to North Park. Owner Kuniko Holmes is taking over the space that formerly housed beloved Tiger!Tiger! Tavern, the El Cajon Boulevard restaurant from the owners of Blind Lady Ale House that tragically closed in 2020 due to operational challenges associated with the pandemic. The opening of the sushi establishment is currently slated for Spring/Summer 2022.

People wait outside a sushi restaurant.
Sushi 2 on Broadaway
Sushi 2/Facebook

The enduringly popular lunch spot, tucked next to the Spreckels Theatre on Broadway, struggled when nearly all their customers shifted to working from home almost two years ago — “that part of our operation has not gotten back to anywhere near where it was pre-pandemic (with offices closing and many employees still working remotely)”, Sushi 2 posted on Instagram. With downtown nightlife and tourism still slow, moving the restaurant to the North Park neighborhood will hopefully help bring new momentum.

Sushi 2 was originally a part of the Sushi Deli family, a local sushi chain known for affordable rolls and happy hour specials. Ten years ago, the downtown location was sold to then- general manager Holmes, who kept many of its menu favorites but also added a selection of craft beer, new appetizers like popcorn Brussels sprouts, and a large range of vegan sushi.

New storefront with “Available” sign.
Former Tiger!Tiger storefront.

Sushi 2

135 Broadway, , CA 92101 (619) 233-3072 Visit Website

Sushi 2

3025 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92104