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Coffee Shop, Apothecary, and Community Hub Open in Lemon Grove

The Hamlett aims to be a gathering space and incubator for local businesses

The Hamlett / Facebook

After a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $30,000, the Hamlett has now opened the doors on its elevated coffee and community experience to the neighborhood of Lemon Grove.

Founded by Zachary Hamlett, a San Diego native and 18-year-old recent high school grad, the Black-owned independent coffee shop offers local caffeine heads a straightforward menu with drip and espresso-based drinks and several latte flavors including rose, lavender, golden milk, and mocha peppermint. The coffee bar is powered by Seattle-based Equal Exchange, which sources fair-traded specialty-grade coffee.

Visitors to The Hamlett can also boost their drink of choice with nutritional supplements and superfoods like sea moss, mushroom shots and lotus energy shots. And a selection of vegan and keto baked goods is coming soon.

The 1,900-square-foot space also includes an apothecary selling lotions, serums, and other health and wellness products. Spurred by the social justice movement, which has highlighted the importance of creating successful Black-owned businesses, another of the Hamlett’s objectives is to serve as an incubator for other minority-owned companies. The care will also have an on-site art gallery featuring a residency program.

The Hamlett

7805 Broadway , Lemon Grove, CA 91945