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Swagyu Spawns 20-Seat, Tasting Menu-Only Restaurant in Pacific Beach

Chef Steve Brown is putting diners into wagyu beef Study Hall

Swagyu Study Hall’s 20-seat table Courtesy photo

Since opening Swagyu in June, chef Steve Brown has been steadily rolling out different choose-your-own dining adventures in Pacific Beach, starting with his wagyu smashburgers and an outpost of Swagyu Chop Shop, his pandemic-born butcher shop, and following up with a more extensive dinner and brunch menu that includes you-call-it steaks from the butcher counter.

This weekend, the chef is getting back to his tasting menu roots with the launch of an entirely new restaurant within the existing one. Swagyu Study Hall opens this Saturday, September 11 as a reservation-only, 20-seat chef’s menu experience with its own entrance at the back of the existing Felspar Street space.

Chef Steve Brown
Chef Steve Brown
Courtesy photo

Brown had been closing the restaurant on certain nights to be able to serve tasting menu dinners, an extension of his long-running Cosecha pop-up, but Study Hall now gives him a dedicated venue for the $200, 12-course meals. Never shy about his Michelin star ambitions, Brown and chef Nate Horton will take diners through an interactive and educational “study” of wagyu though a progression that will range from American-raised wagyu from his ranch in Montana to true Hyogo kobe ribeye.

Swagyu Study Hall will operate Thursday through Saturday to start with the goal of opening five nights a week.

Wine glasses and one of the 12 courses at Swagyu Study Hall
A diner takes a photo of dish at Swagyu Study Hall

Swagyu Study Hall Menu