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Hot Pot Hailing from San Gabriel Valley Heads to Convoy

Nice 2 Meet U specializes in Sichuan hot pot and cook-your-own skewers

Hot pot with skewers from Nice 2 Meet U Official photo

The cities and neighborhoods that make up the San Gabriel Valley, from Alhambra to Monterey Park, are known for some of the best Asian food that can be found in Southern California. Nice 2 Meet U, a Chinese hot pot restaurant with locations in the communities of Rowland Heights and San Gabriel, is expanding from the Los Angeles County area to 4428 Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa.

Mmm-yoso spotted the space, which shares a complex with CoCo Ichibanya, Danang Corner, and Hive. Nice 2 Meet U specializes in chuan chuan hot pot, a variety of the classic Chinese dish which features skewered food cooked in boiling oil or broth. Originating in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province, this style of hot pot can also be found at other Convoy spots like Mada-Sao or Boiling Passion.

Based on a self-service model, where diners can select their own skewers and plates of meat, seafood, and other ingredients as well as small appetizers and sauces from a central bar, Nice to Meet U prices its skewers, which range from spicy beef-wrapped enoki mushrooms to lotus root, shrimp, and marinated pork, at approximately $0.38 each. The restaurant offers mild, spicy, or hot versions of its soup bases, which include tomato, mushroom, and a signature one made with beef tallow.