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Point Loma Scoop Shop Collects the Country’s Best Ice Creams

The Craft Creamery highlights some of the nation’s best ice cream makers

A hand holding a scoop of ice cream in front of balloons Courtesy photo

A new breed of ice cream parlor has opened in Point Loma where customers can taste through a curated collection from some of the top ice cream makers in the United States. Co-owner and operator Alex Bock, who currently works as an aerospace engineer, first got the idea when he was traveling the country doing demos for his jetpack company; at every stop, he would make a point to visit the city’s best breweries and ice cream shops.

Inspired by craft beer bars, whose taps reflect the finest talents throughout the brewing industry, Bock created The Craft Creamery, which serves the top-selling flavors from a range of creameries across the nation.

Though some of the ice cream makers he works with are too small to have their own distribution, Bock says he’s solved the logistical issues by arranging to pick up two to four pallets of product directly from each company.

The seating counter at the Craft Creamery Courtesy photo

With ice creams constantly coming into the Rosecrans shop, he uses his inventory to offer a rotating list that could include flavors from Petersen’s Ice Cream out of Chicago or Seattle’s Full Tilt Ice Cream. The Craft Creamery also offers specialty drinks to pair with the current menu, like a honey lavender latte inspired by Fosselman’s honey lavender ice cream.

Though he’s currently featuring OB Beans, Bock tells Eater that he’s planning to apply the same model to his coffee program, featuring the best roasteries from around the country. As he continues to source ice cream, he says that he hopes to open more locations of The Craft Creamery and build a wholesale business to supply restaurants and hotels.

The Craft Creamery

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