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Fast-Casual Filipino Spot Launches at Liberty Public Market

White Rice serves rice bowls and other Filipino classics

Lumpia Shanghai from White Rice
Lumpia Shanghai
Shannon Patrick

The holiday weekend ushered in the arrival of White Rice at the Liberty Public Market, which is the second food stall for chef Philip Esteban and his culinary team who launched a ramen shop called Weapon in the space earlier this year. Started as COVID-era concept when Estaban shifted his Craft Meals Catering business to a meal service delivery program which donates one meal for every meal purchased to local community groups like National City’s Olivewood Gardens and Father Joe’s Village, White Rice became so popular that the chef was encouraged to open a dedicated storefront for White Rice’s savory silog.

Longanisa silog from White Rice
Longanisa silog
Shannon Patrick

A staple Filipino dish based on garlic rice and an egg, silog is typically served for breakfast but can be enjoyed any time of day. White Rice’s menu offers its rice bowls topped with lechon kawaili (crispy pork belly), barbecue chicken skewers, mushroom and tofu sisig, and more, as well as other Filipino classics like sweet spaghetti, ube pandesal, and lumpia Shanghai.

Designed to resemble a Filipino sari-sari, or corner bodega, the 600-square-foot space, run by chef/kitchen manager Jan Tejada, White Rice is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the market with delivery and catering service too.

Esteban is also gearing up to launch several other ventures in San Diego including a culinary store and full-service restaurant in National City.

Chef Phillip Esteban
Chef Phillip Esteban
Shannon Patrick

Liberty Public Market

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