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Famous Japanese Cream Puff Chain Beard Papas Coming to La Jolla

Beard Papa’s is returning to San Diego

Box of assorted cream puffs from Beard Papa’s Facebook

A global Japanese bakery chain with more than 400 stores in 15 countries that built its empire on cream puffs is in construction on a storefront in downtown La Jolla. Beard Papa’s incoming shop on Girard Avenue is actually a return to San Diego; for a short time, the company operated a spot in the Westfield Plaza Bonita food court that shuttered back in 2009.

Founded in Japan in 1999 by owner Yuji Hirota, whose own beard inspired the chain’s name and iconic logo, Beard Papa offers a menu based on cream puffs constructed from a double layer of choux pastry topped with bits of crispy pie crust. Customers can choose between the original shell or one with a chocolate, strawberry, honey butter, or green tea glaze while other puffs are crowned with crushed Oreos or toasted marshmallows. The filling, made of whipped cream and custard, comes in vanilla, chocolate, or green tea. When the new La Jolla store opens, it will likely carry a secret flavor exclusive to San Diego.

There are also cream-based beverage versions of the puffs, as well as lattes, tea drinks, and other desserts like cheesecake and chocolate cake. A rep for the company tells Eater that it currently only has the one La Jolla store in the pipeline for the San Diego area.

The Girard Avenue Beard Papa storefront
The Girard Avenue storefront

Beard Papa's

7880 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037