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Trendy Japanese-Style Sandwiches Are Coming to Mira Mesa

Sando specialist Kumo will open this summer

Japanese fruit sandwich and egg salad sandwich from Kumo Courtesy photo

Simple but beautifully executed, Japanese sandwiches — or sandos — continue to be trendy stateside; inspired by the popular grab and go versions found at Japan’s fantastic convenience stores, the sweet and savory sandwiches are constructed on neat, crustless squares of shokupan, or fluffy Japanese milk bread.

A new shop scheduled to grand open by July in Mira Mesa will be dedicated to Japanese-style sandos. Called Kumo, which means cloud in Japanese, it’s landing at the Plaza Sorrento shopping center in a 540-square-foot space that will be geared towards takeout service.

Co-founders Messiah Williams, Jeyme Araki, and Victor Ly will feature a menu of sandwiches with fillings that are commonly found in Japan, from egg salad and chicken katsu to menchi katsu, a breaded ground meat cutlet, and a sweet combination of fruit and whipped cream.

The shop will also offer a few specialty beverages, including sparkling drinks made with fresh fruit puree and matcha, with plans to add limited edition seasonal sandwiches and other small side dishes to the menu.


6755 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121

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