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Major Malaysian Boba Chain Coming to San Diego

Daboba plans to open several locations in the area

Girl holding up two drinks from Daboba Facebook

Massively popular in Malaysia, where it was founded in early 2018 during the height of the ongoing bubble milk tea craze, Daboba is embarking on a major expansion outside of Asia that will see the chain entering the U.S. and landing in cities ranging from Seattle and San Francisco to Miami, Dallas, Houston, New York, and most importantly, San Diego. A rep for the company tells Eater that Daboba also has plans to open 50 outlets in Europe.

Known for trendy, aesthetic drinks that are primed to populate Instagram feeds, the shop’s signature beverage is its Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk drink, which is topped with a layer of cream foam and sprinkled with brown sugar that gets torched until caramelized. Its other offerings include classic milk teas, cheese teas, fruit teas, and frappes made with yogurt. Daboba’s boba pearls feature the standard boba and a golden-colored version made with honey. The U.S. stores will also offer seasonal and holiday-themed drinks.

The company says that it will be opening two locations in San Diego sometime this year, with more stores coming later.

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