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Clairemont’s Barrio Donas Expanding to National City

The doughnut and sandwich shop is adding a South Bay branch

Box of assorted doughnuts from Barrio Dona’s Facebook

Established in 2019 by Janet and Jonathan Martinez, Clairemont’s Barrio Donas is headed to the South Bay where the doughnut and sandwich shop is planning to open a location in National City by October. With a menu that celebrates Mexican-American culture and flavors translated into doughnut form, Barrio Donas’ signature lineup includes the Arroz Con Leche doughnut filled with rice pudding and topped with dulce de leche and the Gansito, inspired by a classic Mexican snack cake, that features a chocolate-glazed doughnut filled with strawberry jam and vanilla cream. There’s also vegan doughnuts, including the hibiscus-glazed Jamaica, as well as pan dulce like the sugar-coated, Nutella-filled bigote, a croissant-shaped Mexican sweet bread.

What sets Barrio Donas apart is that the shop features more that just doughnuts, offering a selection of tortas including the La Norteña, which sandwiches machaca with scrambled eggs, beans, mayo, and mozzarella cheese, and homemade tamales.

Janet Martinez tells Eater that they plan on bringing new drinks to National City, adding onto a selection that include Mexican hot chocolate and spiced Café de Olla.

Barrio Donas

4714 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, , CA 92117 (858) 732-0010 Visit Website