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Can Sugar Cane Drinks Replace Boba Tea?

Cane Confections is bringing the latest Asian trend to Convoy Street

Cane Confections pop-up tent on Convoy Street Courtesy photo

Although the pandemic-induced boba supply chain issue that’s been making news isn’t quite a full-fledged “boba-pocalypse”, the shortage is real says Tran Nguyen, who owns Hillcrest boba shop Little Nap Cafe. Consistent inventory challenges, combined with the over-saturation of boba tea shops in San Diego, have prompted her to go in another direction for her next cafe.

Cane Confections is coming to Convoy Street, where it’s replacing Freeze ice cream in the complex that also houses Izakaya Sakura. Opening in mid-June, the shop will revolve around drinks made with fresh-pressed sugar cane juice, a staple Southeast Asian street snack. Touted as being less sweet that typical boba drinks, they’ll be topped with everything from strawberries and kumquats to young coconut. Nguyen says the cafe will also bring another trendy Asian beverage to San Diego — creamy shakes made by blending purple rice, also know as forbidden rice, with tangy yogurt.

After previously managing several well-known local Japanese restaurants, Nguyen recently opened Ichiban Sando in the South Bay, which served Japanese sandwiches on homemade milk bread. The milk bread will feature on the menu at Cane Confections where it’ll be the base for several kinds of sweet and savory toast.

Cane Confections

3904 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111