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Vegan Food Truck Finds Home Inside Miramar Tasting Room

Rollin Roots joins Serpentine Cider and Lost Cause Meadery 

Founders of Rollin Roots and Serpentine Cider share a toast in their tasting room
Rollin Roots and Serpentine Cider
Bree Steffen/Pause Creative Collective

Chef Avonte Hartsfield’s all-vegan comfort food truck, Rollin Roots, has landed a permanent home in the kitchen formerly occupied by The Good Seed Food Company, which has reopened at The Arbor with Burgeon Brewing. Located in the Miralani Makers District, a collection of food and beverage businesses off Miramar Road, the space is shared with Serpentine Cider’s production facility and tasting room, which also features taps from Lost Cause Meadery.

Serpentine Cider founder Sean Harris told Eater, “Rollin’ Roots has been one of my favorite places to eat for the last year or so. I am vegan and have loved everything chef Avonte has made in the past. I knew he was planning on expanding so I thought I would ask him if he ever thought about starting a brick and mortar kitchen.”

“Not only does Rollin’ Roots have amazing food that pairs very well with my low-sugar ciders, chef Avonte’s ideals, personality, and desire for social change mirror my own. We both work in the community and give proceeds and profits to causes we think are meaningful and helpful to the people,” Harris says.


The condensed menu offers popular items from the truck — like the Spicy Boy with deep fried oyster mushrooms smothered in buffalo sauce and ranch or the Texas in Cali with barbecue jackfruit, cabbage slaw, and pickles — either served as as a sandwich or loaded fries. Brand new dishes include a sesame-ginger beet poke and heart of palm ceviche.

All of Serpentine Cider ciders are vegan and gluten-free as well.

Rollin Root and the tasting room are currently open Wednesday through Sunday but as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, Serpentine Cider plans to expand to daily operation and add lunch service.

Serpentine Cider
Bree Steffen/Pause Creative Collective

Serpentine Cider/Lost Cause Meadery/Rollin Roots

8665 Miralani Dr., #100 , San Diego , CA 92126