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Founder Laura Johnson on What’s Next for You & Yours Distilling

The East Village distillery is expanding its scope on hospitality

Laura Johnson, head distiller/owner of You & Your Distilling
Laura Johnson
Courtesy photo

Laura Johnson, head distiller and owner of You & Yours Distilling Co. is the special guest on the 20th installment of Scene in San Diego Feat. Eater podcast, which began at the start of the pandemic as a way to keep San Diego informed about the latest changes and regulations regarding restaurants and to highlight the people and places that make up the local food industry.

Thanks to its on-site kitchen and food service, which the East Village distillery and tasting room launched in 2019, You & Yours has been able to stay open and operate by the restaurant regulations.

As Johnson celebrates the distillery’s fourth anniversary, she reflected on the last year saying, “This pandemic has produced for You & Yours – as a company – some of our highest highs and lowest lows.”

Their line of eight canned cocktails, based on the distillery’s own vodka and gin, has also helped keep them afloat. Johnson shared that cold brew canned cocktails are coming next, along with a new spirit that will be featured in them.

Canned cocktails by You & Yours
Canned cocktails by You & Yours
Megan Jane Burgess

When she and her business partner and now husband Luke Mahoney took over a nearby East Village warehouse for production, they had originally intended to open a beer and wine garden at the space. Although that’s still a possibility, Johnson says those plans have shifted and morphed into their projects at Liberty Station, which include an ongoing update of the long-running Loma Club and the addition of a new mini golf course and venue called Tappers Mini Golf & Cocktails. Rather than following the satellite tasting room model and open more You & Yours outposts locally, Johnson says they’d like to establish a presence in Los Angeles and explore other hospitality opportunities in San Diego.

Listen to the episode now: