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Metl Bar Bringing Southern-Styled Brunch and Boozy Ice Cream to North Park

The Gaslamp creamery is branching out

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One of the rare bright spots that emerged from the pandemic has been the story of Métl Cocktail Creamery, spawned shortly after San Diego’s first shutdown nearly a year ago when Métl Bar & Restaurant co-owners Jenna and Randy Elskamp were in need of creative distraction and an alternate means of support. What started as a side-gig making boozy ice cream has since grown into successful stand-alone business that has proven to be a saving silver lining.

The Elskamps have been looking for a new spot to center their creamery operations and will be relocating it to North Park where it is replacing Two Blu Ducks at the corner of University Avenue and Utah Street. Jenna Elskamp says that MetlBar Creamery & Cafe will be a “lighter, classier version” of their Fifth Avenue bar — a daytime counterpart to the downtown watering hole. Aiming to launch with patio dining sometime next month, when it will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., the eatery will serve Southern-style brunch/lunch plates influenced by Elskamp’s Texas background, from Texas sausage kolaches and savory hand pies to TexMex takes on breakfast burritos and chilaquiles, as well as shareable brunch boards, French toast, pancakes, salads, and sandwiches .

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Though MetlBar Creamery & Cafe will be able to start by serving its beer and wine-infused ice creams in select dishes such as strawberries and champagne ice cream with brioche French toast and a cherry turnover with lavender-prosecco ice cream, the owners hope to be operating with a full liquor license by June, when they’ll add a cocktail menu and be able to move the creamery to North Park. The full-fledged boozy ice cream shop will offer their entire lineup of flavors and a range of other desserts including boozy milk shakes, boozy ice cream cakes, and other pastries.

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MetlBar Creamery & Cafe

2835 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104