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RakiRaki Ramen Expanding Into Tokyo-Style Fried Chicken

Junya’s Crispy Karaage is launching later this month


The fried chicken craze shows no sign of stopping and the latest to join the fray is an extension of RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen. Called Junya’s Crispy Karaage, or JCK for short, it was created by owner and executive chef Junya Watanabe, who reportedly collaborated with a Michelin-starred chef in Tokyo to develop his ultimate karaage — a Japanese-style of fried food in which the meat is marinated prior to frying; the technique is most common with chicken.

Chicken karaage has been a popular item on RakiRaki’s existing menu, but Watanabe has refined the recipe for JCK, which involves a shoyu-based marinade and is double-fried in a coating of Japanese spices. A spicy version of the chicken is also new. Though it could be a stand-alone concept eventually, Junya’s Crispy Karaage will first launch on Monday, February 22 as a special offering at RakiRaki locations in Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, and Liberty Station.

In addition to a fried chicken box containing six pieces of freshly-fried chicken and three Japanese sauces for $9.40, there will be karaage coleslaw salad, karaage sliders on pretzel buns, and karaage paired with curry rice and tonkotsu ramen, available in limited quantities per day.

Junya Watanabe