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LA’s Fast-Casual Chinese Noodle House Expanding to San Diego

Qin West Noodle is landing at Westfield UTC

Two bowls of noodles soups from Qin West Noodle House Facebook

Bringing more representation for Asian cuisine to Westfield UTC, where it joins the incoming HaiDiLao hot pot, Qin West Noodle is moving into a spot near Macy’s at the south end of the mall and currently slated for a Summer 2021 opening.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2012, where it’s one of the longstanding tenants inside Chinatown food hub Far East Plaza, the fast-casual noodle shop now operates several branches near SoCal college campuses including UCLA, USC, and UC Irvine.

The menu for Qin West is based on traditional dishes from various Chinese provinces — the northern region of Shanxi is represented by liang pi, cold noodles topped with chili oil, and lamb paomo, a porridge-like dish of bread soaked in broth, while the southern Guangxi province contributes luosifen and guilin mifen, two pungent rice noodle soups. There’s also an array of comfort food, from fried rice and mapo tofu to beef chow mein.