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Acclaimed LA-Based Lebanese Bakery and Restaurant Heading to Hillcrest

FurnSaj should be opening this summer

An assortment of Lebanese flatbreads and pastries. Courtesy photo

Called an “epic destination for Lebanese shawarma and flatbreads” and highlighted as an underrated bakery to try by Eater LA, FurnSaj Bakery & Restaurant is venturing beyond the greater Los Angeles area to open a branch in Hillcrest where it will replace Paxti’s Pizza on Fourth Avenue this summer.

According to Eater LA, the restaurant was founded by Lebanese-born chef Charlie Succar, who attended the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Scottsdale and worked for several big name bakery brands. Succar runs FurnSaj with his brother Mel, who says that the pair are planning to open at least two locations in San Diego.

Adiarski mana’ish, a Lebanese flatbread topped with cheese and two eggs
Adjarski mana’ish
Courtesy photo

The Hillcrest store will feature the same extensive menu as its LA counterparts, which hinges on the oven, or “furn”, and a staple griddle-cooked flatbread, the “saj.” Fresh-baked daily, the saj is served with a variety of Mediterranean plates and wraps including shawarma, soujouk, gyro, falafel, and kebab. Another popular flatbread is mana’ish, an oven-baked version with an array of toppings to choose from and an assortment of appetizers and sides like hummus and grape leaves.

Other baked goods include cheese saroukh, a bread filled with a mix of cheeses and spices, and dessert ranging from sweet tahini bread or a bread topped with labneh and honey.

The new San Diego location is slated to open by mid-to-late summer.

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FurnSaj Bakery & Restaurant

3888 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103