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A New South Bay Cafe Showcases Mexican-Grown Coffee

Mobile business Feliz Coffee Club lands its first storefront in Otay Mesa

An espresso drink in a Feliz Coffee Club cup. Feliz Coffee Club/Instagram

Feliz Coffee Club has just rolled open its first storefront in the Otay Mesa, establishing a permanent location for the on-demand coffee company that was born during the pandemic. Though it started out by taking online and phone orders out of a South Bay kitchen, with customers picking up drinks at a scheduled time and place, the business has now transitioned out of that service model with the shop’s launch.

Founder Felipe Meraz, who previously worked at Katy’s Cafe in Imperial Beach and Grindhouse, a popular Chula Vista coffee spot, told Eater that he originally wanted to move the mobile coffee service to a physical cart at a highly trafficked venue but ultimately decided to jump on the chance to open a storefront.

Offering coffee drinks made with Mexican beans sourced from Tijuana roastery Cafe Etrusca and espresso-based drinks made with a mix of beans from the Mexican states of Chiapas and Veracruz, the cafe also plans to serve drip coffee using single-origin beans from Mexico. “I’m just trying to include as many good Mexican ingredients as I can,” Meraz said, noting the the menu will feature Oaxacan chocolate, mazapan, and non-dairy alternatives like a rice milk brought in from Tijuana.

Popular beverages include honey cinnamon cortados, matcha lattes, mazapan lattes, and classic Mexican mochas. The new space also offers chamangos and similar slushy-like Mexican drinks which are flavored with mango, watermelon, and tamarind dressed with chamoy from local manufacturer Barrio Chamoy. Meraz will stock even more traditional Mexican treats and candies as the shop’s operations pick up.

Future plans for the Feliz Coffee Club space include artist pop-ups and a consignment wall for artists to display artwork for sale. “We’re a community based shop that’s trying to represent the South Bay and bring out all the artists and creatives to showcase them,” Meraz said of the art displays.

Feliz Coffee Club

1270 Picador Blvd Suite R , San Diego, CA 92154