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Famous Hong Kong Dessert Cafe Coming to Convoy

Asian sweets chain Hui Lau Shan will arrive soon


With hundreds of locations all over the globe, from Paris to the Philippines, Asian dessert chain Hui Lau Shan operates a slew of outposts in Hong Kong, where the shop was founded 61 years ago as a traditional herbal tea shop but evolved in the 1990s to offer sweets, snacks, and dessert soups.

The popular cafe, which has branches in Irvine, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York, is expanding to San Diego with a first shop headed for Kearny Mesa. It’ll land at Convoy Village, the center shared by Szechuan Chef and Melody Karaoke.

Its popular fresh fruit desserts include often-Instagrammed mango-based treats, including Mango Chewy Ball with housemade tapioca balls and mango ice cream, Mango Crisp with layers of fresh mango, cookie powder, and cream, and a drink that combines mango and coconut juice with homemade aloe jelly.

The Convoy shop will reportedly open in June.

Hui Lau Shan

9889 Bellaire Boulevard, , TX 77036 (713) 234-7719