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Burger Lounge Going Vegan in Hillcrest

The burger chain debuts a meatless menu

Flora Lounge Burger
Courtesy photo

Starting today, Burger Lounge is turning its University Avenue outpost into the Real Food Innovation Test Kitchen, debuting a line of vegan dishes that are eventually destined to become a permanent fixture at all of its locations but for now will be exclusively available in Hillcrest. Founded in La Jolla, now with 23 locations in California and Las Vegas, the grass-fed burger chain’s Flora and Fauna menu includes brand new items that have the option of being made with either Sweet Earth® plant-based protein or with grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

The S.O.B. “Son of Butcher” is topped with vegan cheddar, caramelized onions, pickles, and veganized Thousand Island dressing while the Keto Cave Dweller comes on a cauliflower sandwich thin with roasted squash, gem lettuce, tomato, and vinaigrette. Meatless crumbles can factor into Cowboy Fries, served with melted dairy-free cheddar, caramelized onion and scallions. And milkshakes now come in cashew-based strawberry or vanilla.

If all goes well with this test run in San Diego, Burger Lounge says it plans to introduce the dishes across the chain and add in other limited-time vegan items. The brand of plant-based protein used could also potentially change before the official rollout. The Hillcrest location is currently open for pick up, online ordering, delivery, or patio dining.