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Jayne’s Gastopub Ends 13-Year Run on 30th Street

The beloved eatery has decided not to reopen

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In truly sad news, Jayne’s Gastropub has announced that it will not be reopening after temporarily shuttering on March 15 just before the initial dine-in shut down during the pandemic. The well-loved neighborhood restaurant, which opened in 2007, was one of the first eateries to bring British gastropub culture to San Diego, where it became known for a standout burger and its fish and chips. Its owners, Bay Area transplants Jayne Battle and Jon Erickson, built Jayne’s from the ground up and also helped to foster the dynamic dining culture that now exists around the intersection of 30th Street and Adams Avenue.

But Erickson told Eater that the couple could possibly return to the hospitality industry in the future, saying, “While we can definitely use a break from the business it’s something we love and have deep in our blood. Running a restaurant as a small family business has become a very heavy load to carry but that can be cured by collaboration. Never say never!”

Jayne’s official farewell letter, which was just sent to their email list and posted to their Instagram page, is shared here:

“Hello everyone.

We are writing to you, the Jaynes family, to let you know that we have made the decision to not re-open our doors. This has been a year none of us could have expected and has given us a new perspective on all we hold dear. We are proud of this special place that could have only been created by the sum of its’ parts. When we stumbled upon the space at 30th and Adams 15 years ago we couldn’t have possibly imagined all the amazing people that would come into our lives and the vibrant restaurant and bar community that we would soon become a part of.

First and foremost, we want to thank our hardworking staff. We spent an incredible amount of time together through major ups and downs, but always as a team dedicated to each other and our guests. We were blessed to have an amazing, loyal kitchen that stuck with us from beginning and a superstar front of house team over the years. We saw each other through many milestones, life experiences and late-night dance parties!

We thank you, our incredible guests: Many of you found us way back when and are still coming in. Some of you moved over the years, but always popped in when you were back in town. Perhaps you only recently discovered us? You truly became our friends and we thank you for trusting us with your Valentines, birthdays, engagements, and even weddings. You made this all possible!

Thank you to our family all around the world from San Diego to CT to Liverpool. Your constant support was always appreciated. A special shoutout to Frank Battle, Jaynes’ dad, for being our rock and so integral to our start and continued success.

While Covid has made the decision for many in our business to re-imagine or even close, we have been feeling that our time may be coming for the last year or two. Having a family run business and small children was becoming a nearly impossible balance.

Again, thank you all for your many years of love and support. We look forward to seeing you out there in the world, but for now let’s just say, We had some good times, didn’t we?

XOXO Jayne and Jon”

Jaynes Gastropub

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