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Wagyu Beef Butcher Shop Lands in Imperial Beach

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Chef Steve Brown is behind Swagyu Chop Shop

Wagyu beef from three countries — America, Australia, and Japan — is the centerpiece of Swagyu Chop Shop, debuting today in Imperial Beach. Chef/owner Steve Brown is featuring wagyu from eight different prefectures in Japan, including the luxurious A5 Kobe beef from Hyōgo.

An extension of a virtual butcher shop that Brown started during the pandemic, the storefront will be open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.

Stocking steaks at every price point, from $20 all the way to $600, as well as wagyu burgers, Swagyu also has foie gras and caviar, with Kurobuta and Iberico pork, a featured fresh catch from the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market, and various side dishes coming soon.

Brown, who is still running his private dining experience, “TDR” by Cosecha in the South Bay, expects to start serving food there next month. From burgers to you-call-it steak specials, the menu will be offered in the shop’s outdoor dining area where the chef also intends to hold tasting dinners and butcher demos. With more people cooking at home how, Brown says he’s currently looking for another butcher shop location in North County.

Chef Steve Brown
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Swagyu Chop Shop

1002 Palm Avenue, Imperial Beach, CA 91932