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‘Alice in Wonderland’ Themed Cocktail Pop-Up Coming to San Diego

The Alice will arrive in November

Courtesy photo

What is it with themed pop-ups these days? The latest roving event to add San Diego to its touring schedule is billed as “the tea party to end all tea parties”. Dubbed The Alice, it’s based on the classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which spawned countless adaptations including a slew of television shows and movies.

Created by the team behind the Floating Cinema, which will be landing somewhere in San Diego this September, The Alice is an immersive and interactive cocktail experience that takes guests down the rabbit hole and into a fantasy world where they can play croquet with a flamingo, paint the roses red, and solve riddles and challenges. Set in a still-secret location, the pop-up will run for almost a month, from Sunday, November 8 to December 6, with each ticketed session lasting 90 minutes.

Each experience includes two custom cocktails crafted with the guidance of The Mad Hatter host, plus two ‘Eat Me’ cakes. Pre-register now to be notified when tickets go on sale.

Courtesy photo

For a more homegrown Alice in Wonderland experience, visit Vin de Syrah in the Gaslamp. Though it’s temporarily closed due to the indoor dining ban, the Fifth Avenue bar features an Alice in Wonderland, garden party-inspired design.