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Floating Boat Cinema Stopping in San Diego

Watch movies from a socially-distanced boat

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With drive-in movies making a resurgence now that traditional movie theaters are temporarily closed, a company called Beyond Cinema is launching an aquatic twist on the film-watching experience that’s scheduled to land in San Diego this fall.

Docked from Wednesday, September 2 to Sunday, September 6 at a still-undisclosed location, the Floating Cinema will be setting up a huge movie screen somewhere along the waterfront in San Diego. The audience will be seated in up to 24 mini boats, all spaced according to social distancing rules. Priced per boat, to better assure that groups are only seated with household members or close friends, each boat can hold up to eight people.

The event, which is also stopping in cities like Austin, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia, will feature a mix of movie classics and new releases, with free popcorn for attendees and other snacks and drinks available for purchase. Sign up online to be notified when tickets go on sale.