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Mostra Coffee Debuts North County Cafe

The local roaster’s second location opens today in 4S Ranch

Luke Kyle

Founded in 2013 by four Filipino-American friends, Carmel Mountain roastery and cafe Mostra Coffee won national acclaim last fall when it was named 2020 Micro-Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine.

Buoyed by the award, the company is opening its second location in 4S Ranch today, again featuring its signature MAVAM performance espresso machine and its menu of specialty coffee drinks. Known for its advocacy of the Philippine coffee industry, Mostra Coffee’s most popular beverages include those influenced by classic Filipino desserts including the Bibingka Creme Brulee Latte and the brand new Turon Cappuccino, a twist on banana lumpia that features espresso sweetened with jackfruit syrup and banana milk. The 4S Ranch store will also add beer and wine service in the coming months.

Co-founders Sam Magtanong, Beverly Magtanong, Jelynn Malone and Mike Arquines
Cindy Kyle

The company, which has added express ordering and curbside pickup to its cafes, is also prepping a location for Mira Mesa, where Mostra Coffee will be part of the Mira Mesa Mall along with Manna BBQ and Crab Hut. The partners are also planning to open outside of the San Diego area, with shops slated for San Francisco, New York and Manila.

Mostra Coffee 4S Ranch

10550 Craftsman Way #187 , San Diego, CA 92127