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Eater San Diego Partners With NBC 7 on New Podcast

Listen to the first episode now

This is, without question, an unprecedented time for the restaurant industry. Since the restart of dine-in service, and as the COVID-19 crisis continues, the entire eating world — from chefs to diners and everyone in-between — is negotiating a strange new landscape of rules and regulations while still contending with the impact and effects of the pandemic.

Everything is different, and awkward. So let’s talk about it. NBC 7 San Diego has launched a brand new podcast with Eater San Diego that aims to keep you informed as we all navigate the ever-changing food scene.

Called “Scene in San Diego Featuring Eater”, the podcast is an extension of Eater San Diego’s longtime partnership with The Scene, NBC 7’s platform highlighting what’s good in San Diego’s lifestyle scene, including food, events and fun.

Co-hosted by Monica Garske, The Scene’s lead editor, the first episode of the podcast explores the state of our local restaurant community in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. We talk about how restaurants are redefining what hospitality means in this day and age and hear from Sam “The Cooking Guy” Zien about how his eateries are adjusting. Plus, we look at the streetside dining program, implemented in neighborhoods like Little Italy and the Gaslamp, to boost business for imperiled restaurants. Join us as we discuss the current situation and look towards what comes next for the industry.

Listen to episode 1 here:

The Scene in San Diego Featuring Eater Podcast is hosted by Eater San Diego’s Candice Woo and NBC 7’s Monica Garske and is produced by NBC 7’s Matthew Lewis.