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Hugely Anticipated Bagel and Doughnut Shop Finally Opening in North Park

Solomon Bagel Company will start doing takeout and delivery this Friday

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After more than two years of construction woes and other delays, Solomon Bagel Company is finally scheduled to open this Friday in North Park. No one is more thrilled to see the day come than owner Jeffrey Wang. A native of Taiwan, Wang started making bagels when he first emigrated to the U.S. decades ago; in 2006, he founded the Kettleman Bagel Company in the Pacific Northwest, which became so popular that it was purchased by the company behind the Einstein Bros. Bagels in 2011.

The master bagel maker is getting back to basics with his new 30th Street store, a 4,000-square foot space that will launch with takeout and delivery. Specializing in New York-style kettle-boiled bagels, which are boiled and then baked for a distinctive texture, Solomon Bagel Company will offer 14 different flavors of bagels, made daily, as well as bialys and twists. The bagels can be ordered with a variety of homemade cream cheese spreads and other toppings or serve as the base of a sandwich for breakfast or lunch. The shop’s extensive menu also includes coffee drinks, salads, and soups, with plenty of vegan options, plus a large selection of fresh doughnuts ranging from traditional and vegan styles to gourmet creations.

Wang’s landlord Avi Stieglitz said, “Getting Solomon Bagels open was a Sisyphean task that lasted over two years but I have no doubt that the end result will be worth it.” Stieglitz, who ran restaurants in New York and owns other available restaurant properties in the Midway District and Chula Vista, has been supporting Wang with marketing and financial advice and thinks the strength of Solomon’s product should help the eatery weather the shutdown, saying, ”San Diego is in for a treat. Jeffrey won rave reviews for his bagels in Portland; some would say that they’re the best this side of the Hudson River.”

Courtesy photo

Solomon Bagel Company

4152 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104