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Laid-Off Hospitality Workers Eat for Free at Hillcrest Restaurant

Common Stock is donating meals to the recently furloughed, fired, and laid-off

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Fifth Avenue restaurant Common Stock has set up a program to provide free meals to San Diegans who have lost their jobs in the hospitality industry due to the coronavirus crisis. Operating on the honor system, restaurant and bar workers who’ve been laid-off, fired, or furloughed can visit and ask for one free menu item per person. The eatery has implemented a “passphrase” for those shy about asking for a handout; today’s code for free food is “Sirius Black was never evil”, and daily codes will be posted every morning on the restaurant’s Instagram page at @eatcommonstock.

As a way to continue to fund the food giveaway, Common Stock has activated an option to let customers “donate a meal” when placing their own online orders for takeout and delivery.

Co-founder Anderson Clark tells Eater that they’re committed to continuing the program as long as possible. The eatery has been maintaining employment and health benefits for all of their staff, turning servers into delivery drivers to eliminate third-party fees and ensure staff retention. In addition to food, the restaurant is also offering 32-ounce growlers ($12), mason jar cocktails ($10), and 20% off bottles of wine to-go.

Common Stock

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