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All-Bed Outdoor Movie Theater Coming to San Diego

The pop-up is called Bed Cinema

Bed Cinema

Want to lounge in bed with a bunch of strangers and watch movies? A pop-up that’s stopping in San Diego as part of a multi-city tour will screen films under the stars at a yet-undisclosed location. Scheduled to be in town June 10 through June 14, the Bed Cinema setup includes over 150 double beds that come complete with pillows, blankets, and LED-lit bedside tables and can accommodate two to four people. The lineup of films hasn’t been released, but should include a mix of blockbusters and classics.

Pre-register now to get notification on when tickets will become available. During its stint in Los Angeles last year, tickets for the bed situation cost $35 per person or $65 per couple, with $10 lawn spots for those bringing their own picnic blankets.

There will be a food truck on site every evening selling movie-watching snacks, with event producers providing all-you-can-eat popcorn.