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Popular SoCal Boba Tea and Smoothie Shop Expanding to Mira Mesa

Tastea Fresh Smoothies & Teas will debut in Mira Mesa


A well-known Asian tea shop chain, which launched in 2001 in the city of Garden Grove and has grown to span locations throughout California and Arizona, has chosen Mira Mesa for its first location in the San Diego area. Tastea Fresh Smoothies & Teas is coming to the Mira Mesa Market shopping center, where it joins other eateries that include Gen Korean BBQ House.

The 1,394-square-foot space is currently slated to launch in March with a menu that ranges from winter melon milk tea with cheese foam to trendy tiger milk tea and fruit tea, including peach/strawberry and mango/passionfruit tea. All beverages can be customized with the addition of boba, bits of fruit, and flavored jellies. There are also coffee drinks like Vietnamese iced coffee made with slow drip coffee, cream, condensed milk, and hazelnut and Matcha Coffee, which layers cold brew coffee with matcha milk tea. And its frozen treats include taro and avocado smoothies and lychee slushies. Tastea also serves up a few savory snacks, including popcorn chicken, battered shrimp, and fries.

The company will be holding a hiring fair at the new Mira Mesa location from noon to 4 p.m. on February 15 and 16.