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A “Friends”-Themed Pop-Up Brunch Is Coming to San Diego

Dress up as your favorite Friend


A big dose of nostalgia is headed to San Diego in the form of a one-day pop-up inspired by “Friends”, the sitcom mega-hit that ran for a decade on NBC. Dubbed “The One Where They All Went For Brunch”, the event is scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 24 at a yet-undisclosed location.

It’s produced by the Brunch Club, which puts on themed pop-ups — including a Spice Girls and a Drake brunch — all over the world; in addition to San Diego, the “Friends” brunch is headed for Denver, Toronto, Sydney, and Auckland.

So just what does a “Friends” brunch entail? Apparently drinks and a bunch of appetizers, including a dish inspired Ross Gellar’s infamous ‘Moist Maker’ Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. Popular episodes of the show will be screened and the organizers promise “Friends” trivia games and prizes as well as a costume competition for those who come dressed as their favorite character.

Tickets aren’t available just yet but interested parties can register to be notified when they go on sale.