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Michelin-Honored Taqueria Branching Out Into Burritos

Tuetano Taqueria chef Priscilla Curiel is opening a new eatery in National City

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Acclaimed chef Priscilla Curiel, whose Tuetano Taqueria in San Ysidro was recently recognized by the prestigious Michelin Guide, is remaking Naturale Deli, her cafe in National City, into a new daytime eatery. Set to open this week on 8th Street, Mujer Divina will offer coffee along with breakfast and lunch out of a space influenced by the women Curiel finds inspiring.

Curiel shared that the focus of the menu will be on burritos de hielera, the slender, Tijuana-style burritos that are normally sold during morning commute hours south of the border. The opening menu will include machaca ranchera, chicharron in salsa verde, chorizo with potato, and beans with cheese, all inspired by family recipes. There will also be birria chilaquiles and weekly special burritos, as well as the avocado toast and ricotta brioche bun previously served at Naturale Deli.

The coffee lineup at Mujer Divina, based on beans from Ensenada espresso bar Café Tomas, will include flavored latte drinks and drip brews plus café de olla, a popular beverage at the Curiel family’s other well-known eateries, Talavera Azul in Chula Vista and Tijuana’s La Espadana. Pastries, deli items, and pop-ups featuring local bakers are planned to pair with the coffee program once full operations begin.

Check Mujer Divina’s Instagram page for opening information and operating hours.

Mujer Divina

310 East 8th Street, National City, CA 91950 (619) 512-1599 Visit Website