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Filipino Chain Jollibee Arrives Back in Mira Mesa Today

The enormously popular eatery is on an expansion streak

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Today marks the long-awaited return of Jollibee to the Mira Mesa area. The Philippine mega-chain, with over 5,800 locations worldwide, had a store in the neighborhood up until 2013 and currently operates an outpost in National City. Now back in a big way, the new Mira Mesa Boulevard restaurant stands at 3,100-square-feet.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, its indoor and outdoor dining areas will remain closed until further notice, but Jollibee will launch with call-ahead pick-up orders, walk-in takeout and drive-thru service.

The company says that the Mira Mesa opening reflects a concerted effort to build up its store network in the San Diego area, citing the city’s sizable Filipino community, one of the largest in the country. It’s part of a grand expansion that has seen the fast-food chain open 12 stores across North America during the pandemic, with 19 more U.S. stores planned for 2021.

Founded 45 years ago, the eatery owes its enormous popularity to a menu that’s a mashup of Western comfort food and Asian flavors, with iconic dishes like Chickenjoy, its hand-breaded, marinated fried chicken, the sweet-style Jolly Spaghetti with ham, ground meat, and hot dogs, and the classic Peach Mango Pie.

Courtesy photo


8436 Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92126