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Pay-What-You-Can Bakery Brings Artisan Bread to Barrio Logan

Pan del Barrio is hosting weekly pop-ups on Logan Avenue

Pan del Barrio Instagram

Looking to create more access to high-quality baked goods in Barrio Logan, a cottage bakery pop-up is offering its products on a sliding scale basis to the community. Pan del Barrio, founded by neighborhood resident and professional baker Amanda Estrella, brings handmade, naturally-leavened bread made with organic ingredients to Logan Avenue during the weekly Walk the Block events, hosted each Saturday. Available items include loaves of sourdough, brioche, baguettes, scones, and plant-based Mexican conchas.

Estrella’s sliding scale allows anyone to fill their need for quality bread regardless of their income or available means at the time of purchase, but products offered during the pop-ups do have price points for anyone wishing to pay the bakery’s regular retail prices or to make a donation.

A graduate of the San Diego Art Institute’s culinary school with years of experience in kitchens and bakeries throughout San Diego and Los Angeles, Estrella shared that her goal is to permanently establish Pan del Barrio somewhere on Logan Avenue so that people can continue to find her bread and pastries there. A permanent outpost would include a flour mill for the community to mill their own grains and fresh spring water to refill containers.

As an extension of Estrella’s efforts, she and fellow baker Samantha Bird are also offering bread box delivery and pick ups in Barrio Logan and North Park through their second project, The Baker’s Collaborative. This effort looks to help other bakers affected by the ongoing health epidemic.

For more information on Pan del Barrio’s pop-up times and locations visit their Instagram page.