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Can Take-and-Bake Pizza Beat Do-It-Yourself and Delivery?

American Pizza Manufacturing puts a twist on takeout

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A new concept getting its start in San Diego wants to do away with the stress of meal prep and planning by providing made-to-order dishes ranging from gourmet bake-at-home pizzas to pasta, salads, and dessert. American Pizza Manufacturing is gearing up to open a flagship location on La Jolla Boulevard with more locations coming to the San Diego area.

Founded by SoCal native Andrew Melone, American Pizza Manufacturing is a reboot of HomeMade Pizza Company, a once-popular take-and-bake pizza chain. Melone was one of the Chicago-based company’s early investors, which at its height operated 40 locations around the country and made Oprah’s list of the “50 Best Pizzas in America.”

At its 1,700-square-foot kitchen, American Pizza Manufacturing will offer a variety of 12 and 14-inch pies topped with local and organic produce as well as pizza kits that will come with enough dough for a pizza-making party. Regular, gluten-free, and cauliflower crust option will be offered. Customers will pick up the pizzas and other bake-at-home or ready-to-eat dishes at the La Jolla Boulevard manufactory, with ordering available online, by phone, or via a custom app.

American Pizza Manufacturing

7402 La Jolla Boulevard, La Jolla, CA 92037